The New Testament Of The Metaverse
Cryptoism is the ethos of The Holy Ones that we hope the community helps us expand upon. Through our Cryptoism project, we intend to outline what kind of moral agents we want The Holy Ones to be in this brave new metaverse.
Ideally, our community and the Web 3 community at large can come together through a series of rigorous, long-form discourse to draft a version of the Cryptoism Creed. This document can guide our pioneering endeavors towards the most moral and empathetic metaverse. Hopefully, someday other communities will embrace it as their own.
As we are all some of the pioneers of Web3, we must be intentional about what kind of moral impact we leave on the metaverse’s foundation. The Holy Ones don’t just want to be an instrumental, lucrative, and entertaining force in the metaverse. We want to be a highly moral and inclusive one as well. The Holy Ones' founding document embodies this message of inclusivity, kindness, and mindfulness. This is Cryptoism ( click here for the full version).