Story And Art

The Holy Ones: A Decentralized Vision of Web 3 Gaming

6,666 metaverse-ready Holy Ones NFT avatars living and teaching on the Ethereum blockchain.
The Holy Ones are Buddha, Vishnu, Jesus, and Moses. On a crusade to bring some spiritual oneness to gaming, the ragtag group of Holy Beings founded The Holy DAO to build the "Holy Gaming Ecosystem". All this while spreading the word of Cryptoism, their newly revealed Web3 optimized moral framework.
Ownership of a Holy Ones NFT gives you membership in The Holy DAO and Royalties Pool.
100% of The Holy Ones mint profits is invested directly into the Holy DAO Treasury, which will be controlled by the community of NFT owners.
The 3D art and animations, as well as game development were conceptualized, designed, and produced by our in-house design studio "Metaskins". We specialize in Metaverse designs, including avatars, wearables, NFTs, and 3D scene designs and buildouts.