The Aquarium in Decentraland (Q3 2021) The Aquarium has been a leader in providing metaverse gaming experiences since its inception in July 2021. The Aquarium will be the first of several Decentraland venues to offer royalties-bearing Holy Games and host Holy Events.
Holy Rock, Paper, Scissors (Q1 2022) Rock, Paper, Scissors will be the first Holy Game to come out of our ecosystem. It is currently in its alpha version for DApp and metaverse gameplay as a PVP (Player versus Player) wager-based game. The DApp version features The Holy Ones Avatars as game characters.
The Holy Dripz Store (Q2 2022) Holy owners will enjoy exciting IRL items sporting their Avatars and other Holy Ones related Intellectual property.
World Series of Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) Tournaments (Q2 2022) This thrilling event will bring together players from all over the world and metaverse to buy in and compete for RPS dominance and prizes in a tournament format competition. Players will play heads-up rounds to make their way through the brackets. The semi-finals and finals will be streamed live on multiple platforms, with incredible celebrity guests.
The Holy Ones Temple of Games in Decentraland (Q2 2022) This will be the Holy Ones' HQ and home in the metaverse. Dedicated to the Holy Community of NFT owners, it will host Holy Games, Holy Events, and commemorative Holy content. We will hold regular town hall meetings where ideas and decisions will be discussed and planned. The Temple will also be home to fantastic fun experiences exclusive to Holy Community members.
Holy Rock'em Sock'em Robots (Q2 2022) This fun fighting classic is our 2nd PVP wagering-based game. Rock'em Sock'em will be offered in metaverse and DApp formats, featuring Holy Ones Avatars as the competing characters and a terrific game experience.
Gaming Ecosystem and Royalties The Holy gaming ecosystem will feature wagering-based games in both PVP and against the house formats. The system will take a rake from every Holy Game. This revenue will b used to provide liquidity to the games and distributed as royalties to the Holy Ones owners. The DAO community will decide the future of The Holy gaming ecosystem by analyzing and implementing the best gaming experience and potential revenue generation.