The Holy DAO

What The Holy DAO Does The Holy DAO's primary purpose is the governance of the Holy Treasury, to fund projects that align with The Holy Ones' mission. Holy Owners will participate in the decision-making regarding where and how to spend the Holy Treasury funds. Ideally, it will use the funds to build games from which the Holy DAO can earn more royalties. But ultimately, the Holy DAO can vote to do whatever the community pleases with the funds.
How to Participate in The Holy DAO The Logistics Holy Ones NFT is the "Token" representing access and governance in The Holy DAO.
The Holy DAO set-up will be on the Snapshot platform. This well-known industry-standard tool records proposals and hosts votes for many leading DAOs missions.
Voting 1 Holy One = 1 unit of General Voting Power (VP)
For every Holy one NFT, holders get one vote on all proposals set before The Holy DAO. They also get the ability to propose Holy-DAO-funded projects to the DAO.
Governance and the Founders role on the road to Decentralization Like a newly born baby, every new decentralized organization, such as The Holy DAO, starts life in vulnerability. Its decentralized nature and novelty make it a possible target to various attacks aiming to wrest control of the treasury from the community. The founding team of The Holy Ones will be stepping temporarily into a unique stabilizing governance role while the community matures and becomes a robust and stable decentralized organization impervious to attacks.
Founders Voting Power The team will retain veto privilege in the DAO to ensure no malicious proposals passes. This veto right will only be used if a harmful governance proposal has been approved. Veto is a last resort power gradually divested back to the community as the DAO matures.
This divestment process will be structured to allow community members the opportunity to "level up" in the DAO voting and stakeholder structure.
Members will be rewarded founder's tokens through engagement, services, proposals, voting, and participation at large.